Mike's Agenda

Defending Democracy and Ending Corruption

Mike Levin is working to end the culture of corruption in Congress.

Mike knows that confidence in the actions of the United States Congress is at an all-time low. Too many believe that special interest money and corporate PACs have way too much influence over Congress. Others think that some Congress members abuse their insider knowledge to make personal profits.

Too often they are right. That’s why Mike fights to end the culture of corruption, end conflicts of interest, and limit the influence of big money. Mike doesn’t take one dime of corporate PAC money, and he has taken the No Corporate PAC pledge. He is honored to be endorsed by End Citizens United.

When Mike was elected in 2018, he and his wife sold all their individual stocks and put their assets into mutual funds. He supports a bipartisan effort to prohibit conflicts of interest by banning members of Congress from owning or trading in individual stocks.

Mike is a member of the End Corruption Caucus, which supports reforms to keep dark money, corporate PACs, and special interests out of our democracy, ensure accountability and transparency, and end foreign actors’ interference in our elections.

Mike cosponsored the For the People Act, a bold package of democracy reforms including independent redistricting commissions, citizen-funded elections, closing the revolving door between government and corporate interests, and protecting voters against discrimination. In a historic vote, the House passed the bill, but Republicans refused to allow it to come for a vote in the Senate.

Mike signed on to legislation to restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965, make elections more transparent, and make sure every eligible voter can participate in our elections. He supports targeted exceptions to Senate procedural rules in order to overcome Republicans’ filibuster of voting rights and civil rights legislation.

Mike also cosponsored the No Pensions for Corrupt Politicians Act to exclude members of Congress from receiving retirement benefits if the member is convicted of specified campaign finance violations relating to the use of campaign funds for personal use, including conspiracy to commit such an offense.

Mike believes that Congress has a responsibility to secure our election systems against foreign interference and prevent further attempts by foreign powers to influence the results of our elections.

Mike co-sponsored the Protecting Our Democracy Act to prevent presidential abuses of power; restore our system of checks and balances, accountability, and transparency; and protect our elections from foreign interference.

Mike will continue to fight for more transparency and accountability in Washington.