Mike's Agenda

Fostering Innovation and Job Creation

Since he was sworn into Congress, Mike has worked to grow our local economy and has secured hundreds of millions in federal grants to support local employers. He has also passed legislation to create the jobs of the future right here in America.

Mike proudly supported the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to create good-paying union jobs repairing our roads and bridges, replacing lead pipes, and building energy transmission lines. It invests in clean energy manufacturing and zero-emission vehicles to make sure that the jobs in the clean energy industry are good-paying American jobs and includes a Buy America requirement to ensure that all taxpayer-funded infrastructure projects are built with American iron, steel, and construction materials.

Mike also supported the CHIPS and Science Act to bring microchip production back to America and turbocharge innovation here at home. That legislation will make a $52 billion investment in the domestic chip industry to grow our economy, research new technology, and protect national security.

Mike will continue to support our local industries and ensure that the jobs of the future are created here. Our district stands at the forefront of technological advancements, including in life sciences, biotechnology, clean technology, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and quantum computing. Developing comprehensive regulatory frameworks is essential to ensure the continued presence and expansion of these businesses and employment opportunities within our region. Mike believes we must continue to strengthen our position as a global leader in these transformative fields. The alternative would be outsourcing to foreign labor markets with less stringent oversight and transparency, which would be a massive missed economic opportunity and harmful to American consumers. With these priorities in mind, Mike was proud to vote in favor of the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act, also called FIT21, which improves federal consumer protections for cryptocurrency investors while also ensuring the industry has clear rules under which to operate going forward.

To support mom-and-pop businesses and strengthen our local tourism economy, Mike signed onto legislation to reauthorize the Brand USA public-private partnership, increase the amount that a bank can invest in Small Business Investment Companies, give small businesses more opportunities to compete for federal contracts, and reauthorize the Small Business Development Center Program.

Mike believes that no full-time American worker should ever live in poverty, which is why he cosponsored legislation to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, implemented at a pace that allows employers to adapt their business plans. That bill also ties additional minimum wage increases to wage growth and ensures that all workers receive the full federal minimum wage or more by phasing out the subminimum wages for tipped workers, youth workers, and workers with disabilities. He has also cosponsored legislation to expand coverage under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and protect union jobs.