Statement from Rep. Levin on President Biden

Rep. Mike Levin’s Statement on President Biden

Carlsbad, CA– Today, Rep. Mike Levin (CA-49) released the following statement on President Biden:

“Like so many of you, I was naturally concerned about President Biden’s performance in the recent debate.

“Since then, I’ve made my opinions known in the appropriate manner with House Democratic leadership and my colleagues. And I called upon all Americans to give the President a window to make an expeditious decision about his candidacy.

“In the two weeks since the debate, I’ve had a chance to connect with so many of you, our constituents and supporters. The response from literally several hundred of you has been overwhelming, and I’m very grateful for your candor.

“First, let me say that President Biden has been an outstanding leader, not only of our nation, but of the entire free world. Making this statement is not easy. I have deep respect for President Biden’s five plus decades of public service and incredible appreciation for the work we’ve done together these last three and a half years. But I believe the time has come for President Biden to pass the torch.

“We must prevail against the incalculable threat Donald Trump poses to the American institutions of freedom and democracy. Donald Trump actively seeks a bleak authoritarianism and the overthrow of the values which have guided us towards justice and prosperity for nearly two and a half centuries.

“Once again, our national mettle must be forged in the crucible of history.  It is time to move forward.  With a new leader. Together.”


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