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There are going to be a lot of false attack ads against Mike in this campaign, and it's no surprise that this group of Washington Republicans is using dark money to mislead voters here in CA-49.


MYTH:             Mike voted to only provide relief funding to luxury industries.


FACT:              When people were losing their jobs and small businesses were shutting down during the pandemic, Mike worked with                                  members of both parties to provide desperately needed relief. In fact, the relief he helped pass supported 20,456 small                                businesses in our district, which helped sustain 241,446 local employees.

MYTH:             Mike provided stimulus payments to prisoners.

FACT:              As for stimulus payments to prisoners: Mike never prioritized that, but you should know that Republicans supported that                                policy as part of the CARES Act and the December 2020 relief bill under former President Trump.


FUN FACT:      The truth is that the pandemic relief Mike passed for families and small businesses helped our economy recover faster                                than ever. It's a big reason why we've created more than 8 million jobs since President Biden took office – more jobs on                                average per month than under any other President in history.


MYTH:             Mike supported policies that led to an increase in everyday costs.


FACT:              Mike knows families are struggling with higher costs. While Washington Republicans are only interested in using the pain                              families are experiencing at the gas pump and grocery store for their own political gain, Mike is focused on real solutions.                            He helped pass legislation to lower gas prices by cracking down on price gouging by Big Oil companies. He's also helped                            pass legislation to lower food costs, fix supply chains, and make more goods in America.


Washington Republicans will keep attacking Mike throughout this campaign, but he will continue to focus on delivering solutions and results on our local priorities.

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